Students in Arizona have a wide variety of options and choices in terms of their educational environment. They can choose from traditional public schools, private schools, and charter schools. Finding the right fit for a particular student is often challenging. Private schools can be expensive and may not accept students who are behind on credits or who have academic challenges. Public schools deal with large numbers of students and may not be able to provide the individual attention that some students need to be successful. Charter schools can be a good option for students who cannot afford private school or struggle with the social environment at a traditional public school, but not every charter schools is the right fit for a particular student. Pinnacle provides a variety of options to meet the needs of many students.

Pinnacle Charter Schools is a tuition-free, public high schools, open to all students from grades 6 to 12. Enrollment is open to all students, with new classes starting every Monday throughout the school year. Our online schools provide opportunities for students to find the right fit for their academic needs.


It is the Mission of Pinnacle Charter Schools to recognize all students are unique in their needs, thought processes, learning styles and motivation. Pinnacle’s alternative approach is a student-centered option that supports and embraces the diverse needs of students by providing an alternative method of delivering instruction and monitoring academic success. Pinnacle Charter Schools will provide a safe, caring and structured learning environment with an appropriate emphasis on behavior and academic achievement. Pinnacle Charter Schools will focus on assisting at-risk, over-age, and/or under-credited students to provide them with the tools necessary to excel academically, socially, and emotionally in all aspects of life. Pinnacle Charter Schools provides the educational framework with integrated technology to ground students in 21st-century skills by digitized-enhanced core curriculum contents and the blended approach along with the personalized learning plan helping students to achieve a complete personality.


Pinnacle Charter Schools is dedicated to providing an education that is flexible, coordinated, and individualized for the student and his or her needs. Our vision is to produce Lifelong Learners who are Effective Communicators, Information Managers, Problem Solvers, and Active Citizens.

A Lifelong Learner able to set educational and career goals, to develop a realistic strategy to achieve those goals and to apply content knowledge and critical thinking skills to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

An Effective Communicator, able to read, write, converse and listen for a variety of purposes.

An Information Manager able to locate, access, organize, evaluate and apply information in a complex and technological world.

A Problem Solver able to apply a variety of thinking, creative and computing skills to.

An Active Citizen able to demonstrate healthy, responsible behavior and to work collaboratively and respectfully in a culturally diverse community.

Students attending Pinnacle Charter Schools/Online Schools have made a commitment to their academic progress and future. All students will work diligently and uncompromisingly to prepare themselves to obtain a quality life after achieving their educational goals.

Full Time
Students attend Pinnacle as their primary school. Students develop a personalized schedule to reach their middle or high school graduation.
Part Time
Students attend another school as their primary, but want to graduate early, recover missed credits, or take a class their primary school doesn’t offer.
Summer School
Students attend Pinnacle for summer school sessions offered in June and July. Pinnacle summer sessions allow students to get ahead or recover lost credit. Students can manage their time to still enjoy summer activities around their virtual courses.


Student Satisfaction Survey as of May 2023

Middle School
Online Instructor Interactions 98%
Technology Help 86%
Well Organized Lessons 92%
Overall Learning Experience 90%
High School
Online Instructor Interactions 95%
Technology Help 89%
Well Organized Lessons 84%
Overall Learning Experience 92%