Why wait until high school to begin learning online? Pinnacle’s Middle School Program is the perfect introduction into the online learning world for students and families who are prepared to accept the challenge. The Middle School curriculum is ideal for formerly home schooled students or those who want the freedom to learn in their own way and at their own pace. Built on the Common Core Standards, the middle school courses provide a seamless introduction and transition into the online high school. Why jump from school to school when you can find a fully articulated and comprehensive academic program, which spans the full middle school to high school spectrum?

Middle School courses provide an integrated educational experience in regards to English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students will be able to understand the importance of brainstorming, problem solving and research skills when completing their assignments. Each lesson enlightens students to an assortment of activities, assessments, and assignments that are accompanied by clear lesson objectives and expectations.

Middle School Class Offerings

Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Electives
Language Arts 6A Mathematics 6A Science 6A Social Studies 6A 6th Health (A/B)
Language Arts 6B Mathematics 6B Science 6B Social Studies 6B Art (A/B)
Language Arts 7A Mathematics 7A Science 7A Social Studies 7A Career Explorations (A/B)
Language Arts 7B Mathematics 7B Science 7B Social Studies 7B Coding (A/B)
Language Arts 8A Mathematics 8A Science 8A Social Studies 8A Digital Art and Design
Language Arts 8B Mathematics 8B Science 8B Social Studies 8B  Exploring Business
ELL IV Reading 6A       Exploring Health Science
ELL IV Writing 6A        Exploring Music
ELL IV Reading 7A        Fitness
ELL IV Writing 7A        Game Design (A/B)
ELL IV Reading 8A        Journalism
ELL IV Writing 8A        Photography (A/B)
        Theater (A/B)

In addition to the core middle school curriculum, Pinnacle offers prerequisite classes in Math and English for students not working at their current grade level. These dynamic classes meet students where they are at and become more challenging as the student is able to take on higher level work.