At Pinnacle Charter Schools, we believe that parents play a significant role in their student’s success. Please make sure your student’s intervention specialist knows how to get ahold of you and the best time of day to reach you. Good phone numbers and an e-mail are wonderful resources so we can recruit your help when necessary.

Parents are also welcome to visit Pinnacle classrooms and observe. Please see our Parent Classroom Visits Policy for details. 

Pinnacle also invites you to familiarize yourselves with our Internet Safety and Technology Guidelines, designed to empower you and your student with the knowledge and tools necessary for a secure and fulfilling digital journey.

Tips to stay involved:

  • Help them set up a homework plan for each class to organize assignments to be completed for the week.
  • Talk to your student often about how their classes are going.  
  • Have them show you their progress in each class.
  • Help them study for quizzes and exams.
  • Contact your students’ intervention specialist if you have questions or concerns

*Note: It is essential that we be able to contact parents/guardians in case of an emergency or notification purposes. It is critical that the school be informed immediately if there is a change in contact information: phone number (home and/or work), email address, and home address.

School Calendars

Tempe West:

  1. Pinnacle Online High School 
  2. Pinnacle High School - Tempe

Casa Grande:

  1. Pinnacle High School - Casa Grande

Tempe East (WMCB):

  1. Pinnacle Online WMCB
  2. Pinnacle Charter High School - Tempe East


  1. Pinnacle Charter High School - Kino