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Why Choose Pinnacle?

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Why Choose Pinnacle?


Pinnacle Charter School’s program identifies and retains potential drop-outs early during their freshman and sophomore years, while providing seniors a way to recover credits to facilitate timely graduation. For incoming high school students with credit to skill deficiencies, Pinnacle Charter School bridges the transition. By providing early intervention, teachers are able to help identify student’s areas of improvement, while delivering individual attention they need to successfully pass their courses.

Pinnacle Charter Schools also provides a graduation solution that does not impact the current school enrollment of seniors. Courses can be taken by seniors during non-traditional school hours. This additional benefit of around-the-clock access means no interruption of the daily school schedule, as well as flexibility to participate in other life activities. Students find that rather than struggling to fit their schedules around their courses, their courses now fit their schedules. The flexibility of scheduling, breadth of curriculum, and enriched teacher-student interactions, will ultimately increase the student pass rate.

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