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What To Expect

Begin your Pinnacle Charter Schools experience

At Pinnacle Charter School, we believe that parents and guardians play a large role in their student’s success. Please make sure you student’s academic advisor knows how to get ahold of you and the best time of day to reach you.

What To Expect

Student success is critical, but a successful learner must be committed to working in a nontraditional classroom setting. Full-time students are required to access their classes every day and need to commit to no less than 25 hours per week in order to maintain adequate academic progress in their courses. When students start to fall behind, the academic advisor and teaching staff will contact the student and parent to develop a plan for correcting the pace of completion or academic performance of the student. In order to be successful in Pinnacle Charter School classes, students have to be proactive, and reach out to the instructors and academic advisors when needed.

  • Stay Informed - The main method of contact between Pinnacle Charter School and students/parents is email.  Students must have an operable email account in order to enroll with Pinnacle Charter School. They must also agree to regularly check their email, as teachers and administrators will send communications related to course work, course progress, grades, assignments or other related school business to the student's email account.