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Virtual Students

Begin your Pinnacle Charter Schools experience

Whether academic, technical, or just in need of support and motivation, the student services team assigned to each student will provide a full range of support services and planning activities to ensure the ultimate success of each student.

Virtual Students

  • Schedule at least three hours per course per day, or
  • Log on five out of seven days or spend 15 hours per course per week
  • Complete a minimum of two lessons per day to stay on task (Teacher recommended)
  • Students who accumulate 14 Consecutive, Unexcused Absences are required by law to be withdrawn from school


You may receive a letter notifying you of your student’s absences. These letters are sent out once a week when the student has reached the 5th, 7th and 10th absence.

Tardy Policy

Students completing classes virtually are not required to log into their classes at a specific time or day. However, assignments need to be completed within the Sunday through Saturday (7 day) week.

Make-up Time

Students are required to make-up time for the days/time they miss. All time MUST be made up during the week of the absence. Failure to make-up time will result in meetings with the principal and could lead to an in-school suspension.