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Success Stories

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Success Stories

Before I started attending Pinnacle, I wanted to give up on everything, including school, but I didn’t! Thanks to Pinnacle.

I just had to find the right people and right school that could help me. Pinnacle lined up perfectly with what I wanted and needed and I was committed to giving it a try. After orientation I approached my classes with great energy because I knew this was an exciting opportunity. The staff was there for me through every step, no matter what dilemma I was facing. To me this school was flexible and had every class I needed to be successful. Pinnacle even had a mentor to help me persevere through some tough, real-life situations.

The result of my experience was that I graduated early, was awarded a scholarship, and was honored to present a speech at my high school graduation in front of hundreds of people. Everyone is different, but when you find the right school and right people they definitely bring out the unique, bright side of a person. In life you go through things to become stronger, but you also need a strong foundation to help you with that, and Pinnacle definitely helped me. Now I attended Mesa Community College, and I am studying Criminal Justice. Just think; four years ago I wanted to give up.

When I first came to Pinnacle, I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that I was 20 years old, needed a lot of credits, and wanted to graduate. The great staff at Pinnacle helped me do just that. Shortly after coming to Pinnacle I was introduced to my mentor. I was under a lot of stress at school and outside. She helped me learn to believe in myself, relax my mind, and focus on the two things that were most important to me: getting good grades and graduating. Without her I would never have graduated.

The main thing I learned during the time I was attending Pinnacle is that I can do it. I learned to forgive myself for getting behind in my credits. This made it much easier for me to focus on my future. I realized I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Today I am taking classes at a community college. Once I finish my first two years I will be transferring to Arizona State University to study Counseling. I want to take what I have learned and use it to help others.

When I first started at Pinnacle, I was having a lot of problems. I didn't know how to do anything at all. I didn't know what the teacher was talking about. I didn't understand the work or what they were teaching me, so I was having a hard time with everything. I was beginning to feel really down on myself, because I couldn't do what the other kids were doing, so it made me feel really horrible about myself. It was to the point where I wanted to quit going to school. I was done.

Now, I've learned so many different things from the classes they have, and I’ve come a long way. They taught me math which I didn't really know that well. They taught me my ABC's and how to read and write and my numbers. They taught me how to open up because before that I wouldn't. They taught me how to communicate and interact with others. Pinnacle helped me with so much. I don’t know where I would be without this school.

My teachers were the best teachers anybody could ever have, and that is coming from the heart. They're the reason why I'm here and why I'm the person I have become. My teachers are my heroes. They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Pinnacle helped me with my Individualized Education Plan, when other schools ignored my needs. I got the help that I needed to be successful.

I want to thank Pinnacle for all that they have done for me and my family. I recommend to anyone that has ever been in the place I have been to come to Pinnacle. They will give you all of the help that you need.

Pinnacle is where second chances are possible! I enrolled at Pinnacle about two years ago. I am a young woman who works, goes to school, and still tries to make time for myself. I am the youngest of all of my friends, and we love to travel and participate in a lot of social activities.

At first, my father wasn’t in favor of me going to Pinnacle. The freedom the school gives you can be challenging at times, and an independent program can be easily taken advantage of, but what most people don’t realize is that Pinnacle is not only a school that gives you a second chance, it’s a school that teaches you how to be an adult. Without the help and encouragement of my teachers, I don’t know where I’d be right now. I wouldn’t be prepared to pursue my career as a chef if it wasn’t for the fantastic teachers at Pinnacle.

I am a graduate of the class of 2014. Learn from my example. It’s never too late, and never give up reaching for your “Pinnacle.”

My name is Henry Pickens, I'm 19 years old, and I am a super senior at Pinnacle. For me this school was my last chance to get my diploma. I could not focus well in a traditional school environment. I dropped out of my previous school over a year ago. Ever since I enrolled myself back into a school where I can work on my own pace and my own time, I've been improving my work ethic. I'm more focused, open minded, and ready to work. And it's all because of Pinnacle. The teachers at Pinnacle are always helpful, and the classes are well balanced. If it wasn't for Pinnacle I'd be getting my GED instead. Thank you for giving me a second chance to get my education properly!

Prior to enrolling at Pinnacle’s Mesa campus, I attended Westwood. The traditional school model – being stuck in a classroom all day – did not fit my needs and zapped my enthusiasm for education. There were some days I did not feel like going to school at all. Pinnacle afforded me the best of both worlds – the opportunity to work part-time, earn my high school diploma and have the high school social experience I desired. I wish I knew about Pinnacle long before so I could have been enrolled here throughout high school.

As a graduate, I’d like to tell other students, there is another option to a traditional school. Pinnacle will work with you to create a flexible schedule to support your academic and life goals.

Sione, an alumnus of Pinnacle Online High School, truly enjoyed his experience as a virtual student. He found it to be fun and challenging and any time he needed guidance, he would visit our District Office to meet his teachers. Sione worked diligently to complete a rigorous work load. He says “Pinnacle taught him to focus on what you want to do and put everything you have behind it. Make sure you follow your passion and you will be successful.”

Now, his brother, a sophomore at Pinnacle, is following his example. As the oldest sibling Sione is used to caring for his younger brothers and sisters. These experiences have drawn him to a career to help children. He will be starting Community College in the fall to pursue a career as a Pediatric Nurse!

Good luck Sione!

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