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Student Services

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Student Services

Admissions advisors are the first point of contact for parents and students. They are able to answer questions regarding the enrollment process, required documents and how to submit them, updating their contact information and any other questions about how to be successful in classes. Admissions take care of current and potential students regarding upcoming start dates, works with student withdrawals, graduation and re-entry into school.

Academic advisors proactively contact students by phone and email to ensure levels of engagement are met and to provide encouragement and support in order to achieve consistent levels of progress. They are available to receive incoming calls from students and parents regarding questions, concerns and feedback and provide timely responses. Academic advisors complete transcript evaluations, assign classes according to graduation requirements, monitor, track, and identify trends in student progress.

Record Department works to keep past and present student’s academic history updated. Academic history can include a student’s grades, updated transcripts (unofficial or official documents), disciplinary records, academic performance and extracurricular activities (if available). If necessary, the department has the ability to contact previous schools for past transcripts and release Pinnacle transcripts to outside institutions.

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