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Site Students

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Whether academic, technical, or just in need of support and motivation, the student services team assigned to each student will provide a full range of support services and planning activities to ensure the ultimate success of each student.

Site Students

  • Student who accumulate 10 Consecutive, Unexcused Absences are required by law to be withdrawn from school.
  • Student will attend school 5 hours a day, 5 days a week totaling 25 hours of class time.


You may receive a letter notifying you of your student’s absences. These letters are sent out once a week when the student has reached the 6th and 9th absence. Pursuant to A.R.S. §15-901(A)(1), “…excused absences shall be identified by the Department of Education...”. The Department of Education defines an excused absence as being an absence due to illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies and out-of-school suspensions.

Tardy Policy

Consistent, timely arrival at school is critical to academic success. It also eliminates distractions to the learning environment caused by frequent interruptions in the classroom. A student shall be considered tardy if s/he is not physically present in the assigned lab or classroom at the scheduled start of the instructional block. Tardy students will make up their time during their break.

Make-up Time

Students are required to schedule make-up time for the minutes they miss. All time MUST be made up during the week of the absence. Failure to make-up time will result in meetings with the principal and could lead to an in-school suspension.