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Our Academics

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Our Academics

Middle School – Pinnacle Charter School is the perfect introduction into the online learning world for students and families who are prepared to accept the challenge. Our Middle School curriculum is ideal for formerly home schooled students or those who want the freedom to learn in their own way and at their own pace. Built on the Common Core Standards, the middle school courses provide a seamless introduction and transition into the online high school. Why jump from school to school when you can find a fully articulated and comprehensive academic program, which spans the full middle school to high school spectrum?

Middle School Core Course Offerings :

English Math Science Social Studies Electives
English 6A Math 6A Science 6A World History A Reading Stories 6
English 6B Math 6B Science 6B World History B Computer Fund 6-7
English 7A Math 7A Science 7A US History A Reading Literature 7
English 7B Math 7B Science 7B US History B Intro To Art 7-8
English 8A Math 8A Science 8A Civics Reading Inform 8
English 8B Math 8B Science 8B   Sports Marketing 6-8
        Writing Workshop 6-8


High School - Full-time students are offered multiple graduation paths including those appropriate for university entrance, community college/technical schools and a standard high school diploma. Under the direction of our highly qualified teachers, students are guided through the most difficult concepts through the use of synchronous lessons, individual tutoring and frequent teacher interaction.

High School Core Course Offerings :

Language Arts Mathematics
English I (A/B) Algebra I (A/B)
English II (A/B) Geometry (A/B)
English III (A/B) Algebra II (A/B)
English IV (A/B) Pre-Calculus
Science Social Studies
Biology I (A/B) World History (A/B)
Environmental Science (A/B) American/AZ History (A/B)
Physics (A/B) American Government
Chemistry (A/B) Economics
Elective Offerings  
Health/Life Management Personal Fitness
Anthropology Art History
Business Communications Creative Writing
Essentials of Business Ethics
Financial Literacy Geography
Microsoft Classes  

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